June 30, 2008

While watching the movie “Wanted” its almost impossible to miss the correlations to The Matrix. The main character Wesley (James McAvoy) is working a dead end going nowhere cubicle job with a boss that is constantly on his case and a best friend that is banging his girlfriend. Wesley is a pushover and lets everyone and anyone take advantage of him. It isn’t til about 20 minutes in the movie that he runs into Fox (Angelina Jolie) and realizes that there just may be more to his mundane life than he had thought.

The action in the movie is definitely breath taking and will leave you at the edge of your seat. Every action scene is well done and there is a lot in this movie that you have probably never seen before. The curving bullets, the slow motion fights, and the intense car chases all borrow from movies like the Matrix but instead do it better using the modern day technology the Wachowski Brothers didnt have 10 years ago.

Overall, the movie has a pretty solid plot with a twist that comes halfway through. It isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel in the genre and probably won’t have enough material for a good sequel but as far as summer blockbusters goes this had all of the ingredients. I’d definitely advise watching this in theaters for the full effect but try to catch a matinee. A good movie with some great acting, a plot that leaves a little to be desired but you can’t go wrong with a half naked Angelina Jolie.



diablo 3

June 28, 2008

Not much of a gamer these days but one of my all time favs was Diablo 2. Well after over 8 years since the game out, today Blizzard finally announced Diablo 3. Judging by gameplay vids it looks very similar to the old versions and you can already tell the gameplay has been tweaked with a lot of great updates. No word on when it will come out but you can rest assured I’ll be waiting in line naked with my hog in my hand. Check out the official trailer:

upcoming stuff

June 27, 2008

So I’ve fallen off my blogging over the past couple of days mainly because of being busy at work and joining a new gym that I’ve been going to at night. I will be putting up new movie reviews this weekend for Wanted and Get Smart. I will also be doing some music reviews, I’ll have Lil Wayne “Tha Carter 3”, Coldplay “Viva La Vida”, and Motley Crue “Saints of Los Angeles.”

I also want this blog to chronicle a lot of stuff I’ve done in the past so that it can be an archive of sorts. I put up some old audio blogs that you should check it out if you haven’t yet done so. I also will be putting up some old written blogs that I had and the big news is… I will be putting up the Adi and Heavy B Show episodes on here. I also did another radio show with some friends in the summer of 2005. It produced some very akward and funny moments and I’ll throw those episodes on here as well. Maybe some old DJ tapes, my infamous Igauna Cantina ads, who knows. So keep checking back for new stuff and old favorites.

On in OC

June 25, 2008

This one may be a little “inside” but most radio fans in the DC/MD area and some in NYC remember the Don and Mike show. You may remember Don Geronimo retiring from the show this past April. Well today it was announced that Don will be RETURNING to the air this time down by the shore hon, good ole Ocean City, MD. Don will be on 98.1 WOCM dj’ing a music show from 1-3 pm monday-friday. He will be playing hits from the 70’s and 80’s. As you can imagine Rodzilla was going on in my pants this morning when I heard this, as Don was a huge influence to my career and provided a lot of entertainment through some tough times.

You can stream the show starting 7/7/2008 here and read the news story here. It was only fitting I got this news while the coworker next to me was listening to…….The Beach Boys.

Trifecta of Suck

June 23, 2008

I think I have stumbled across the next YouTube sensation. Meet “gothgod6984” a young man who seems to sing, play guitar, and play the drums. None of which he can do adequately. Here are a few videos for your enjoyment, be sure to read the comments. My personal favorite is his live show, while some bands are playing stadiums and on world tours.. our friend would rather play the initmate setting of the local community retirement center:

George Carlin (May 12, 1937 – June 22, 2008)

June 23, 2008

Comic legend George Carlin died last night at the age of 73, due to heart failure. Carlin was one of the first “dirty” comedians in the business and helped pave the way for a new generation of stand up comedy along with Richard Pryor. His most famous bit was the “SEVEN WORDS YOU CAN NEVER SAY ON TELEVISION”. He also hosted the very first episode of Saturday Night Live and has starred in a number of HBO specials over the years. If it wasn’t for him stand up comedy wouldn’t exist it in its present day form, he will be missed.

do you have speakers?

June 21, 2008

if so then you can listen to my AUDIO BLOG! This is a compilation of a few I did last year. To set the scene, I was unemployed, depressed, sitting at home in front of the computer at 2 in the afternoon, slightly buzzed, and in my underwear. Enjoy!