"Burn After Reading" Review

September 29, 2008

Burn After Reading is the Cohen brothers follow up to their Oscar award winning hit “No Country For Old Men.” The Cohen’s go for a more comical approach to this film and pack it full of major stars to create a unique and enjoyable film that will stand out amongst the drivel that film companies put out in the september/october months.

The point of this movie in essence is that there is no point. This movie is most certainly a black comedy that is heavy in irony and satire as opposed to the Will Ferrell school of comedy. This will not appeal to everybody and you have to go into it knowing that this is a smart comedy and every joke will not be made obvious, if you want obvious humor with little payoff then you’re better off renting a Sandler or Mike Myers flick.

Burn After Reading makes use of well written dialogue and intertwining multiple characters for some outrageous scenarios. John Malkovich plays a CIA agent who has been the victim of some workplace politics and ends up losing his job. He decides to use this time off to write a memoir about his life in the CIA. His bitch on wheels wife is played by Tilda Swinton (Michael Clayton, Chronicles of Narnia) who is tired of her marriage and cheating with George Clooney’s character who is a serial womanizer. She decides that she wants to assess her husband’s wealth to prepare for divorce and goes through the family computer to get his hidden bank info. She copies the contents of this info onto a disc not knowing that it also contains his manuscript full of CIA secrets. This cd ends up in the hands of two bumbling employees at a local gym played by Brad Pitt and Frances McDormand. They decide to try to get money as a reward for returning the disc and then comedy ensues. The characters storylines intertwine with each other and you really have no clue what bizarre event will unfold next. Brad Pitt steals the show as Chad a personal trainer at the gym. He plays the character so well that you feel for him and Linda (McDormand) even though they’re doing something wrong.

Words really can’t do the plot of this movie justice as it really is like an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm with sex and violence. The Cohen brothers do a good job in pacing this film as the 97 minute running time flies by and leaves you wanting more. They also do a good job of keeping it pretty light and the story is pretty easy to follow considering the amount of twists and turns. Burn After Reading is remisicent of a type of movie we just don’t get to see these days. Every actor in this film is on top of their game, most of them playing themselves almost. George Clooney as the heartthrob, Swinton as a cold hearted bitch, Brad Pitt as a guy with looks but no brains, and Malkovich constantly at his boiling point. I can’t recommend this for everyone as it certainly has its audience, but fans of dark comedy will surely make this a cult hit.



Week 4 NFL Picks

September 28, 2008


ATL @ CAR / CLE @ CIN / HOU @ JAC / DEN @ KC / SF @ NO / ARI @ NYJ / GB @ TB / MIN @ TEN / SD @ OAK / BUF @ STL / WAS @ DAL / PHI @ CHI / BAL @ PIT


ATL @ CAR / CLE @ CIN / HOU @ JAC / DEN @ KC / SF @ NO / ARI @ NYJ / GB @ TB / MIN @ TEN / SD @ OAK / BUF @ STL / WAS @ DAL / PHI @ CHI / BAL @ PIT

Valkyrie Trailer

September 26, 2008

Tom Cruise seems to have been filming this movie for the past decade but I assume it’s finally ready to come out. It’s about a nazi who tries to assasinate Hitler and somehow fails at doing so. Perfect part for Cruise. The trailer looks pretty decent and theres a lot of good talent in this film so hopefully it can live up to its high expectations. I mean Tom Cruise with an eye patch slaughtering Nazi’s is certainly enough for me to fork over my 10 bucks.

Google Android

September 25, 2008

Google and T-Mobile are teaming up for the long awaited release of the Google Android, the billion dollar company’s first foray into the cell phone industry. With a price point that is cheaper than the 3g Iphone($199) at $179 and a slew of google services integrated into the phone, this could give Apple a real run for its money come October 22 when the phone debuts.

The Android operates on a Linux OS and will have a SDK for developers well in advance of the phone’s retail reelase. A lot of apple’s key GPS features run on the Google Maps/Earth system. Something that google can certainly claim propriety rights to now that they have their own cell phone. Anyone in the business world knows google has some of the best database, calendar, chart generators, and other useful applications in the market. All of these things will be compatible and/or integrated with Android. My only real beef with the phone is the web browser. It’ll be built in with Google’s new Chrome browser which I’m not too fond of and its a pretty stripped down browser when you compare it to Firefox, Safari, or even the beta version of IE 8. I have a feeling a lot of people will be downloading their own browsers for better customization, I use Opera on my blackberry which I find to be pretty reliable.

Time will tell how the Gphone/Iphone battle will end up, but Google certainly seems to be going head on with its competition with a sleek design, full qwerty keyboard, developer friendly app’s, and the whole line of google services and products. Gmail built in your phone is a indeed very sexy thing.

T.I. Paper Trail Review

September 23, 2008

The long awaited 5th studio album from King of the South Clifford “T.I.” Harris is set to drop September 30th and I was able to get an advance copy to review. Last year T.I. was in a load of trouble as he was caught with possession of weapons after a BET awards show and was sentenced to house arrest, followed by community service and will be serving 1 year of prison time sometime in the next year. Now with the bad comes the good. T.I. used this as an opportunity to record an album while in house arrest and the message on this album is all about following a better path, being a family man, and learning from your mistakes.

The album kicks off with “56 barz” which is a 56 bar freestyle that T.I. absolutely kills on and reclaims his top position in the rap game. He name checks a lot of other artists and everyone in hip hop seems to be on pretty good terms with T.I. This album is FULL of cameo’s from anybody who’s anybody in the rap game. T.I. reteams with Justin Timberlake for “Dead and Gone” a ballad with a powerful hook, Ludacris lays down some sick verses for “On Top Of The World”, Rihanna appears on “Live Your Life” which looks to dominate Top 40 radio, Swizz Beats are on “Swing Your Rag” a club anthem that would pump up any party, and Usher makes an appearance as well. The biggest cameo’s are on the song “Swagga Like Us” which features the four biggest names in rap (Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Jay Z, T.I.) coming together over a sample of MIA’s “Paper Planes” for what will be a memorable song for any mainstream rap fan.

There is absolutely no filler on this album and T.I. comes back strong at his critics from his luke warm last album “T.I. vs TIP” which was seen as a let down after 2006’s smash hit “King.” He gets very deep on songs like “No Matter What” which discusses the negative things that have happened over the past few years (his arrest and loss of his newborn daughter) as well as his portrayal by the media. “What Up, What’s Happening” is a catchy little song with a few good verses and “Whatever You Like” has become a radio hit with one of the best beats on the album. Any T.I. fan or hip hop enthusiast will be very pleased with this album and it will certainly make for multiple listens. The rap game has fallen off lately with more artists going towards a more pop sound to their music or releasing albums that are glorified street tapes. “Paper Trail” is able to bring together a perfect mix of gritty urban subject matter with a big budget production feel to produce the best rap album of 2008 so far.


Ruining A Good Thing

September 22, 2008

In an article in the UK newspaper “The Independent” it was revealed that the famous line “Bond, James Bond” will NOT be included into the new Bond flick “Quantum of Solice” set to come out November 14. Now first they take away the vodka martini and replace it with a coke zero. What kind of fruit is gonna order a coke zero at the bar?! The James Bond character became famous for killing bad guys, banging bitches, and boozing it up in style. Now he’s a watered down action hero who we’re supposed to believe would rather drink a soda than alcohol when he’s out on the town?

This movie is turning out to be just another action film with no elements of the original James Bond in it. After doing a good job of balancing the 1950s feel with 21st century technology in Casino Royale, I really expected them to do the same with this one instead of turning it into a vehicle for corporate sponsorship and trying to please the 15 year olds who have never seen a Connery or god forbid Roger Moore bond movie. I am on the verge of boycotting this movie as there is nothing about it that even remotely interests me. Alicia Keys and Jack White doing the bond theme will be atrocious as well.. mark my words.

Thank goodness for Ayds!

September 22, 2008

A commercial for the Ayds Diet Candy which makes you rapidly lose weight.