32GB iPhone this summer?

March 31, 2009

Rumors have long been swirling of a new iPhone from Apple this summer and now its looking to be a 32gb model. There might also be a low end 3gb model as well, if this is true then I can see Apple dominating the market share on cell phones across the board. 32gb is much bigger than my current iPod which isnt even full, so this is definitely going to convince major media consumers to make the switch. IGN has the story:

Haven’t made that move to an iPhone yet? Have you already filled up your existing 8GB iPhone with apps and music? Well it looks like Apple is once again planning something big for the summer in order to drive sales, as a new research report released this week claims that the company is on the verge of starting production on a high-end 32GB model iPhone, complete with dancing Steve Wozniak app!

The report, compiled by Lazard Capital Markets, states that the new iPhone could hit the assembly lines as early as April and then be officially announced in June. Additionally, the report also reveals that a low-end 3GB iPhone might also be co-produced at the same time, though Lazard Capital Markets analyst Daniel Amir believes that the 3GB model will be made available only in emerging markets in Brazil, Russia, India, etc., while the 32GB would make it’s way through North America and Europe.

Amir also claims that the 3GB would likely run on a 3G network rather than Wi-Fi, while the 32GB edition may come with an improved camera (larger memory in order to record video perhaps?). Many suspected a larger capacity iPhone when stories of Apple buying up a bunch of flash-memory from suppliers surfaced in February, but Amir says that was a move by Apple to increase production for existing model iPhone’s for March demand. Any flash-memory orders the company would place for a 32GB model, he says, would have to take place towards the end of April.


The Watchmen Review

March 28, 2009

Sorry about the lack of updates this week but I have been in the process of moving and the blog should now be bigger and better than ever heading into the next couple of weeks. Got some big features and ideas planned out that I think the loyal readers will enjoy.


I did however get a chance to finally catch “The Watchmen.” I had heard so many mixed reviews on this film from people walking out in the middle to loving it. Unfortunately, I must side with the former and say that The Watchmen is maybe one of the worst movies I’ve seen in the last year. I wanted to walk out pretty much 45 minutes in until the end and this review will be more of a slaying because quite frankly this flick was a major bomb. The box office take has been terrible due to bad word of mouth and its well deserved because Zack Snyder has assembled a jumbled up story line with characters you don’t care about and a long drawn out plot which leaves the viewer empty and indifferent.

The story is about a group of heroes who helped fight crime without actually having superpowers. This is a little strange to me as in the fight scenes all of the Watchmen had super human strength although we get no background on how they were trained or developed this. Much of the story is told through flashback devices which don’t work at all and have you scratching your head about what is going on. The modern day heroes live in an alternate 1985 from what we know. Richard Nixon was reelected for a third term and Vietnam was won by surrender to Dr. Manhattan (Billy Crudup), a giant blue super weapon by the government.

The story is mainly told by Rorschach (Jackie Earle Haley) a masked man who’s face is an everchanging inkblot and the only character in this trainwreck that has any type of interesting personality. He’s trying to figure out who is behind the death of The Comedian, one of his fellow Watchmen. Now the death of The Comedian might have been a bit more interesting had we known anything about him to make us care that he is now gone, but he is mainly portrayed as a scumbag throughout the movie making you wonder why any of the Watchmen would lose an ounce of sleep over his demise.

Malin Ackerman (Heartbreak Kid, Brothers Solomon) has a breakout role as the younger Silk Spectre. She is incredibly sexy and her sex scenes with Nite Owl and Dr. Manhattan might be worth the 10 bucks to see this. The action was pretty subpar and almost seemed like Zack Snyder ended any scene where things could have gotten really good a bit too soon. When Rorschach goes to jail there was the potential to do something the caliber of a modern day Matrix, instead the ball was dropped and one of the most brutal killings was done offscreen and left to the viewer’s imagination. If you’re going to follow up a movie like 300, it would help to have some intense action scenes to please your rabid fanbase. Having Silk Spectre and Nite Owl beat up some thugs in a back alley using action sequences that looked like outtakes from a Charlie’s Angels movie is probably not the way to go.

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Blake Lively on Letterman

March 25, 2009

Here’s your gratuitous Blake Lively for the day. No reason, other than that she is amazingly hot.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Trailer

March 25, 2009

Words cannot describe the excitement that is surrounding the new Call of Duty title. While “World at War” was good the fans are clammoring for the excellence that only Modern Warfare can bring. The release date has been announced for 11/10/09 and a new teaser trailer was released today at the Game Developer’s Conference. Let the countdown begin.

Longer NFL Season?

March 25, 2009

Finally Roger Goodell is starting to make some sense. There is talk of extending the NFL season to 18 games in 2011. This would benefit the league in every way possible and the only sacrifice would be 2 pre season games, which is no big deal. I am all for this and hope it gets passed. Fox Sports has the story:

Roger Goodell wants the NFL regular season to expand to 17 or 18 games.

The commissioner hopes to have a proposal to present to league owners in May. The matter was discussed at length during the NFL meetings that ended Wednesday.

Goodell said the league has not seriously discussed the subject with its broadcast partners or the players’ union, and nothing could be done without a new labor agreement.

The league now plays a 16-game season. A longer schedule, perhaps by 2011, would mean fewer preseason games. Goodell said the league doesn’t need four exhibition games anymore.

Sports News

March 23, 2009

— The NFL has announced the first game of the 2009 season. Superbowl champs Pittsburgh Steelers will meet AFC rival Tennessee Titans. Opening kickoff is Thursday night, Sept. 10 on NBC, which also gets the 178th meeting between the Bears and Packers, in Green Bay on Sunday night, Sept. 13.

— Agent Zero’s comeback day is Saturday. Definitely. Perhaps. Maybe. Depending on whom you ask.

Gilbert Arenas used a variety of means Monday to indicate that he could make his season debut for the Washington Wizards this weekend against the Detroit Pistons. “I’m playing Saturday against Detroit,” he said in a text message sent to Comcast SportsNet. Asked if it was really so, the three-time All-Star told a Washington Post reporter at the Verizon Center: “It’s only true if I play on Saturday.” Arenas then told The Washington Times by phone that playing Saturday is “the plan” — but isn’t set in stone.

This is exciting news for Wizards fans as we may actually see Gil play this year even if its for 2-3 weeks.

— And in not so surprising news, Curt Schilling has retired from baseball today, ending a career in which he won World Series titles with the Boston Red Sox and Arizona Diamondbacks and was one of the game’s most dominant pitchers and grittiest competitors. The 42-year-old right-hander said on his blog he’s leaving after 23 years with “zero regrets.” Schilling missed all of last season with a shoulder injury after signing a one-year, $8 million contract. “The things I was allowed to experience, the people I was able to call friends, teammates, mentors, coaches and opponents, the travel, all of it, are far more than anything I ever thought possible in my lifetime,” he wrote.

Schilling had surgery last June and had said he might come back in the middle of this season though he was not under contract. He made no reference to his injury on his blog. He was co-MVP of the 2001 World Series with Randy Johnson while in Arizona. Schilling also won World Series titles with Boston in 2004 and 2007. “Curt had a great career and made a profound impact on the Red Sox, helping to restore the Red Sox’ status as a championship organization,” general manager Theo Epstein said in an e-mail to The Associated Press. “He was consistently dominant, and never more so than when it mattered most. Not only for what he did — but for when and how he did it — Curt deserves to be remembered with the all-time greats.”

Blake Lively in Rolling Stone

March 20, 2009

Blake Lively from Gossip Girl is my #1 go-to for celeb that I want to put stones to and I didn’t think she could possibly get any hotter. But, her recent photoshoot for Rolling Stone may set a new high score. She is seen here with costar Leighton Meester and its safe to say this issue may have some sticky pages after it arrives in my mailbox… You can check out the Rolling Stone article here.