Independence Day 2 Update

October 13, 2009

Here’s a project we haven’t heard about for a while — a sequel to mega-bucks sci-fi blockbuster Independence Day. Way back in 2003 director Roland Emmerich and writer Dean Devlin confirmed they were working on s script, but since then we’ve not heard much about the film.

Until now that is, with Latino Review quizzing the helmer whilst he was doing press for his latest movie 2012. Emmerich told them why the sequel has taken so long to get off the ground:

“Dean Devlin and I are still set to make a sequel because we’ve found some sort of idea and we approached [studio 20th Century] Fox and Fox has not quite figured out how to incorporate Dean’s and my deal, and Will’s [Smith] deal. Will wants to do it in some sort of a package they can live with.

“So it’s just been in negotiations now since forever, and naturally Fox says “Why don’t you do it without Will Smith?” I said Will is essential for us, for this movie and actually for the audience too. And, so, it’s in limbo and lately the studios are fighting. Like gross players, and Will is a gross player and is probably the only gross player right now who’s worth his gross. So we’ll see what happens. I would love to do it.”

Emmerich wouldn’t elaborate on the plot, but insisted: “There’s a very really great story, a very cool one.”


Rumor: Transformers 3 Death?

October 13, 2009

According to Pop Crunch (via In Touch Weekly magazine), director Michael Bay wants to kill off female lead Mikaela Banes (played by Megan Fox) in the next installment, which is slated for a summer 2011 release. Bay reportedly wants Fox’s character written “out of the series in a gory death scene in the first few frames of Transformers 3 and (replace) with another gorgeous young actress.”

The magazine’s purported source claims “‘Michael’s pretty much discovered Megan and now he’s very quietly looking for her replacement. … He hasn’t decided if he’s going to kill her off in the next movie, but he just wants to be prepared.'”

According to Digital Spy, however, Fox’s reps have called the report untrue.

Bay and Fox engaged in an infamous war of words this summer during the promotion of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, with the actress even comparing her director to Hitler at one point.

New Details on the World of Warcraft Movie

October 13, 2009

Speaking with MTV News, World of Warcraft director Sam Raimi revealed that Saving Private Ryan and The Patriot screenwriter Robert Rodat will be handling the story for the massively multiplayer movie.

Raimi chats with MTV news about being faithful to the source material and presenting characters and settings that will be familiar to World of Warcraft players, while still delivering an original story. That’s where Robert Rodat comes in.

“I think we would try and find touchstones within the game to make it accurate and true and choose one or some of the lands that are portrayed in the game with as much accuracy and authenticity as possible. But we would have our writer, Robert Rodat, really craft an original story within that world that feels like a ‘World of WarCraft’ adventure. Only obviously it’s very different ’cause it’s expanded and translated into the world of a motion picture.”

He makes sense. Rodat is known for creating compelling characters in the midst of wartime situations, and the World of Warcraft certainly has its fair share of both.

It bears noting that Saving Private Ryan is one of many pop culture references included in world of Warcraft, with a Saving Private Imarion quest located in Hellfire Peninsula, the first zone on the other side of the Dark Portal. We’ve gone full circle or something.

Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus Trailer

October 7, 2009

The official trailer for the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus has been unveiled. This is Heath Ledger’s final motion picture, he was only able to finish part of it as Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell, and Jude Law end up filling out his role.

Kill Bill 3 confirmed?

October 1, 2009

Quentin Tarantino has reportedly confirmed his intentions to make a 3rd Kill Bill film. Except he wants the 2nd and 3rd film to be spaced apart by 10 years.. setting it up perfectly for a 2014 release date with a 44 year old Uma Thurman. has more details on possible plotlines:

Tarantino himself has reportedly said that a sequel might revolve around Nikki Bell’s quest to avenge the death of her mom Vernita Green (Vivica A. Fox) at the hands of The Bride in Vol. 1. Rumors swirled at the time of the first film’s release that Tarantino had shot additional scenes with Ambrosia Kelley, the actress who played young Nikki, because he wanted to use the character in a future sequel.

Transformers 3: releasing July 11, 2011

October 1, 2009

Variety has breaking news about the next Transformers sequel as well as some other big upcoming release dates… I just wish Hollywood will finally get over this comic book thing, Spider Man 4??? UGHHHH:

“Transformers” will return that summer, with Paramount dating the third installment of the franchise on July 1, 2011, with Michael Bay once again at the helm. Shia LaBeouf and Megan Fox are also set to return.

Bay announced the new date on his website, saying he’s begun meeting with ILM and Hasbro, with scribe Ehren Kruger, to hash out plans for the pic with the toymaker, which serves as a producer.

With a timeframe for when the robots of “Transformers” will stomp into theaters again, the 2011 summer sesh is filling up with high-profile properties.

A fourth “Spider-Man” kicks off in May, followed by “Thor” and “The Hangover 2” that month. June has the launch of “The Green Lantern” and a “Kung Fu Panda” sequel, while July features the second part of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,” “The First Avenger: Captain America,” “Battleship” and “The Smurfs.” Disney also plans to bow “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” some time that summer.

Nightmare on Elm Street Trailer

September 28, 2009

They’re remaking Nightmare on Elm Street and Freddy Krueger will be back in our lives. It’s like 1985 all over again, except this remake might hold some merit. Especially with Jackie Earle Haley donning the Freddy Krueger mask and patented fedora. The film hits theaters next spring: