New Rock Band 3 Details

November 7, 2009

Don’t expect the next Rock Band to be a rehashed title with an updated set list. It appears Harmonix is hard at work on reinventing the music game genre.

Dhani Harrison, son of Beatles legend George Harrison and developer on The Beatles: Rock Band, told the Chicago Tribune new details on the still unannounced Rock Band 3 project.

Harrison, who still works with developer Harmonix, said he’s creating new musical controllers that will actually teach players the fundamentals of playing real-life instruments for the next Rock Band title.

“I’m working on ‘Rock Band 3’ and making the controllers more real so people can actually learn how to play music while playing the game,” he said.

Harrison would add, however, gamers might not see the next proper Rock Band installment for quite some time.

“Give me a couple years, it’s going to happen.”

MTV Games general manager Scott Guthrie hinted at big changes for the series in a recent interview, saying the next Rock Band title could even incorporate Project Natal motion technology.

“We aren’t standing still – we will keep moving into new areas and look at new technologies that our platform holder partners are also developing, such as Project Natal from Microsoft,” said Guthrie.


Jay Z – The Blueprint 3 Review

September 28, 2009


After being leaked last week, the new album from Jay-Z was released 3 days earlier than expected. The album was moved from September 11 to September 8 and is now available in stores and online. It’s safe to say that this is Jay-Z’s best work since the Black Album, possibly even better than that album. With collaborations from Drake, Kanye West, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, Kid Cudi, Young Jeezy, Pharell, and Mr. Hudson, The Blueprint 3 is the biggest rap album of the year.

The album takes a lot of inspiration from jazz, soul, r&b, and isnt nearly as rock friendly as some of the tracks were on the Black Album. Jay does a good job of mixing up a lot of musical styles while putting his own touch of style and flair. As a lyricist, Jay-Z is one of the best and every song on this track is perfectly well crafted includes rhymes from its many guests. This record coming out on the 8 year anniversary of September 11th is certainly rooted in New York City. Empire State of Mind is a tribute to all of NYC’s boroughs with an emphasis on Jay’s birthplace, Brooklyn. “A Star is Born” talks NYC and name checks Diddy, 50 Cent, Nas, and many other of NYC’s finest rappers.

Let’s face it, if you bought a Jay Z record in the past you know the level of quality to expect. The Blueprint 3 is a coming of age for Jay Z. He’s comfortable in his style and place in the rap game, his beats and collaborations are by some of the best in the industry, and the amount of singles on this record will keep in the American collection for quite some time. There’s literally something for everyone on this record, even some well crafted product placement to companies like BlackBerry and Apple. But Jay’s corporate image doesnt take away from his rough background. “Hate” responds to his critics and opposition, of course it would make sense that America’s #1 most hated Kanye West would contribute the beat and rap on the track.

The Blueprint 3 is quite possibly one of the best rap records of 2009 if not the best. After almost a two decade long career, Jay Z is still the king.


Key Tracks are, “On To The Next One” feat. Swizz Beatz, “Empire State of Mind” feat. Alicia Keys, “Run This Town” feat. Kanye West and Rihanna, D.O.A. (Death of Autotune), “Already Home” feat. Kid Cudi.

2009 MTV Video Music Awards Live Blog

September 13, 2009


— Trailer of Michael Jackson’s This Is It concert movie

Jay Z and Alicia Keys perform the closing performance

— Video of the Year: BeyonceSingle Ladies” .. Beyonce in a very classy move lets Taylor Swift finish her acceptance speech

Pink performs with some faux nudity and 50 feet in the air.. i think this is Pink’s audition tape for ringling brothers..

— Best Rap Video: EminemWe Made You

Muse plays live from the Walter Kerr Theater in NYC

— Best Male Video: TI “Whatever You Like”.. Diddy accepts on his behalf

Diddy’s suit looks painted on

Beyonce on stage for some booty shaking.. strap in those seatbelts

— extended New Moon Trailer being shown.. I can’t wait for the reaction vids to hit youtube tomorrow

— ugh.. Pitbull not a good live performer at all

Green Day perform and bring up fans on stage.. this can’t end well

— Best Pop Video: Britney Spears Womanizer

Lady Gaga performs a medley of Poker Face and Papparazzi

— Taylor Swift performing in a subway car.. its certainly not live but cool to watch.. let’s hope she used purrell before hand

— Best Rock Video: Green Day21 Guns

— WOW!! Kanye West just comes on stage, takes the mind out of Taylor Swift’s hand and says Beyonce had the best video of the year. People are stunned and the camera quickly cut away to a promo.

— Best Female Video goes to Taylor Swift – “You Belong With Me”

Wale is the house band for tonights show

— yaaaawwwwnn.. wake me up when Russell gets off the stage.

Russell Brand takes the stage for the official monologue.. celebrities are bracing themselves

Katy Perry singing Queen – “We Will Rock You” with Joe Perry from Aerosmith on guitar

Janet Jackson appears, crowd goes wild

— i think we’ve found ourselves in the midst of Michael Jackson dance off

— and we’re off.. Madonna has taken the stage and a MJ tribute is about to start off the show


August 28, 2009


Adam Goldstein (aka DJ AM) passed away this morning in his New York City apartment in what is being speculated as a drug overdose. AM was one of the most revered DJ’s of this generation, getting his start in the Philadelphia club scene, before moving West to LA and becoming the resident DJ for the Roots and branching off to do big name parties and club appearances across the world.

DJ AM survived a plane crash last September when his private jet skidded off the runway and burst in flames. Also surviving the crash was Blink 182 drummer and member of TRVSDJAM, Travis Barker. DJ AM has made numerous television appearances, including HBO’s Entourage, MTV Cribs, and The Simple Life with Paris and Nicole. DJ AM was known for his famous relationships as well, including Nicole Richie and Mandy Moore. He was an innovator as a DJ, mastering the art of mash ups using music that crossed all type’s of genre’s. You could hear Lynyrd Skynrd going into Mariah Carey going into Modest Mouse at a typical show. He was inspired by classic rock, old school hip hop, and pop music. A true talent who was taken away at far too young of an age. He will be greatly missed.

Coldplay Cover The Beastie Boys

August 14, 2009

Chris Martin and Coldplay covered the Beastie Boy’s “Fight for your Right (To Party)” at the All Points West Festival in NYC last week. They were filling in for the Beastie’s as MCA is in the middle of cancer treatment.

2009 MTV VMA’s Return To NYC

August 12, 2009


**CurryPopTart will be live blogging this event**

After a number of years out wandering around the country, the MTV Video Music Awards are coming home to New York! Mark your calendars, because the retaking of Manhattan will take place on Sunday, September 13, 2009, and mark these words: this city will never be the same again.

Call it a takeover, if you will, because the 2009 VMAs will have performances staged all over Manhattan including in the storied Radio City Music Hall where we popped our Moonman cherry way back in 1984. After that one, we were surprised they’d have us back, but they did. So did New York City. In fact, 2009 will mark the 14th time that Gotham will serve as the backdrop for the VMAs.

Our VMA homecoming also marks the return of Russell Brand, who will host the show for a second year in a row. That’s right. The same Russell Brand who pulled an unwitting Britney Spears into a golf cart after her third VMA win and whisked her away to watch Kanye West in the final performance of the night. Brand also managed to freak out Jonas Brothers fans everywhere when he got all sorts of nasty discussing the Jo Bros’ purity rings. He’s funny.

And no homecoming would be complete without a couple of New York City’s hometown heroes providing the soundtrack for the VMA’s triumphant return. So we added critically acclaimed rapper Jay-Z and international pop phenom Lady Gaga to our impressive list of performers. Brooklyn-born Jay, who is also a Best Male and Best Hip-Hop nominee for “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune),” will perform a song from his highly anticipated album The Blueprint 3.

Meanwhile, nine-time nominated, NYC native Lady Gaga is sure to bring the energy to the VMA stage. Gaga will deliver a single from her multi-platinum debut album, The Fame, in another one of her famous over-the-top live performances. We’re even more excited to see what outrageous fashion creation she’ll be wearing. Not that it matters. The crowd will go crazy for Miss Gaga – pants or no pants.

You should also know that American Idiot band Green Day will be on hand to sing a song from their latest rock opera, 21st Century Breakdown and P!nk will be performing something from her smash album Funhouse. And the music doesn’t stop there. We’ve also lined up performances by Taylor Swift and Muse.

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New Jay Z ft/ Kanye West and Rihanna – Run This Town

August 7, 2009

The first single off of Jay Z’s highly anticipated new album, The Blueprint 3 (in stores September 11) has found its way online. It’s a collaboration with Rihanna and Kanye West, two artists who fittingly got their start from Jay.