Bruno Review

July 15, 2009


Sacha Baron Cohen is back with another character from his HBO series “Da Ali G Show.” This time its the flamboyantly gay Austrian fashion expert, Bruno. I will start off by saying that this movie is not as good as Borat. There are plenty of slow parts and some boring backstory involved and the film overall doesn’t seem to have the same touch that Borat had.

In fact, it seems like too many of the gag’s are staged and that the media explosion over Cohen a couple years ago didn’t work to his favor as everyone seems to be in on the joke this time around. Bruno is unceremoniously yanked off his Austrian fashion show Fenkyziet after crashing the runway at a fashion show. He is quick to recover from this setback as he decides to do the next best thing, go to LA and become a celebrity. Bruno arrives out west looking to get into acting. After a failed audition and disasterous role in the show Law and Order, we learn that Bruno’s acting aspirations may be a bit of a stretch.

Cohen is great at having us believe in this character and you almost forget that this same person played Borat a couple years ago. There are some genuinely funny moments as Bruno’s interview with Paula Abdul, the focus group session for a show he tries to pitch to CBS, and an awkward party with a swinger’s group. Please be warned that this is in no way a family movie or meant for people who may offend easily. There’s plenty of male nudity and graphic language and images. I would not recommend this film for anyone who thought Borat was gross as this film goes above and beyond anything you could see there.

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Bruno Trailer

April 3, 2009

Its finally here.. the long awaited first look at Sacha Baron Cohen’s newest project, “Bruno.” I like his characters as much as I like run on sentences and I expect this to be my favorite movie of 2009 without having yet seen it. If that’s not an endorsement I don’t know what is.