New Updates to Xbox Live

October 18, 2009


The next Xbox Live update will deliver Facebook, Twitter and, but, wait, there’s more! According to an email from Microsoft, anyway. Get ready for news headlines and dedicated music stores in the Xbox Live dashboard.

Since Microsoft expressly said we’re not forbidden from discussing this, why not? U.S. Xbox Live users in the closed preview will see a “News and More” tab in the “Inside Xbox” channel, and it will deliver “a regularly-updated stream of content from, MSN Autos, The New Yorker and Dilbert,

For rhythm and music gamers, the update will also set up dedicated music stores for Lips, Guitar Hero and Rock Band.

But wait, there’s more! “Surprise! – Keep an eye out in the weeks after the preview launches…you never know what might pop up,” says the email.


Reno 911 Cancelled

August 14, 2009


Comedy Central fans will be quite upset about this news:

After six seasons and a feature film, Reno 911! has come to an end. Co-creator and star Thomas Lennon (Jim Dangle) broke the news on Twitter, writing, “Reno 911! was cancelled at 1:30 pm today. Won’t be wearing the shorts again.”

While I loved the show originally, I kind of fell off the last couple of years. Mainly because I never knew when it was on. I am certainly sad to see it go though and hope Comedy Central isn’t going to load up more of its cheaply produced michael and michael or Tosh shows to fill the gap.

Google Wave

May 29, 2009


Meet the future of the internet, Google Wave. LifeHacker and TechCrunch have all the info on Google’s new experimental site that will give a whole new meaning to real-time communications:

Wave is clearly something we’ll need to see in action and, even better, use before we completely understand how it works. Like email, Wave has been developed as a standard that will be able to run on any server, so it won’t belong to Google. Anyone will be able to run their own “wave,” and that wave can compete with Google or do whatever it wants to. But since it’s created as a standard protocol, different waves can talk to and understand each other.

This addresses an issue that I (and many others much smarter than me) have had with Twitter—namely that it lives on one company’s servers, and your information is subject to whatever that company wants to do with it. RSS, email, and IM work using standard protocols that anyone can take advantage of, and since they use standards, I can, for example, send an email from Gmail to someone using Yahoo Mail and know that they’ll be able to read it without any problems.

Tech news weblog TechCrunch has a very detailed rundown of Wave (linked below) and the directions Google has taken it so far (it’s still incredibly young), but Wave is also very intriguing in the whole future-of-the-web way. It could amount to nothing, but considering the popularity and direction of Twitter and Facebook, the idea of a protocol that turns a similar sort of communication into an open standard sounds very promising.

Wave isn’t available in any practical sense to you and me right now, and much of the technology behind Wave requires HTML 5 updates that we won’t see completely implemented in most browsers for at least a little while, but you can sign up for Google Wave updates if you’re eager to stay updated on any new developments.

The Twitter Revolution has begun

April 17, 2009

Twitter is all the rage in the social media community. We here at CPT have been tweeting our asses off for quite some time, but its our job to be ahead of the curve. Well now Twitter has fully entered the mainstream, or jumped the shark depending on how you look at it, but the site was featured on Oprah today. When Oprah does a show on something, its sure to be an instant hit (i.e. her book club, diets, and workout regimes).

Ashton Kutcher and CNN had a race to get 1 million followers.. you know its a celeb fueled world when Ashton comes out the victor. If this is the biggest story in america today, then maybe this recession really has got us looking for entertainment any way we can get it. Anyways, check out the video and join the Twitter revolution.

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January 28, 2009

It’s that time of month again.. no not that, I’m talking about helping us spread the word on CurryPopTart!!

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