Follow up on Artest

July 31, 2008

So apparently Ron Artest is ALREADY in hot water with a team mate. Yao Ming made the following comments about Artest, “Hopefully, he’s not fighting anymore and going after a guy in the stands.”

Then Artest responds with:
“I understand what Yao said, but I’m still ghetto, that’s not going to change. I’m never going to change my culture. Yao has played with a lot of black players, but I don’t think he’s ever played with a black player that really represents his culture as much as I represent my culture. Once Yao Ming gets to know me, he’ll understand what I’m about.

“If you go back to the brawl, that’s a culture issue right there,” Artest added, according to the report. “Somebody was disrespecting me, so he’s got to understand where I’m coming from. People that know me know that Ron Artest never changed.”

Wow good job asshole, way to set back black athletes about 50 years. So you’re saying that Yao has to understand that you are ghetto and not willing to change your ways? That its some sort of understanding in black culture to resort to violence at the drop of a hat? Guess what Artest, if someone is disrespecting you there are other ways to deal with it then flailing your fists around in the stands and putting innocent fans in the line of danger. He has absolutely no remorse for his actions and makes a mockery of the sport. If I was a black nba player I would be livid at people like Artest who is playing into all of the negative stereotypes and creating even more racial tensions. I can’t wait til the season starts and the Rockets regret this trade as I’m sure this is only the beginning of a long line of ignorant actions.


Artest and Favre

July 30, 2008

Notorious NBA bad boy Ron Artest finally gets his wish, he was traded to the Houston Rockets from the Sacramento Kings yesterday. He didn’t get exactly what he wanted as he was vocal about going to the Knicks or Lakers but either way he’s happy to be off the Kings. My thoughts? Good riddance. The Kings made out pretty well as they get newly drafted Rockets rookie Donte Greene, Kings alumnus Bobby Jackson, and a first-round pick in 2009. They don’t need an overrated, injury prone, arrest prone, black cloud in the locker room. Artest is a great player if he can stay healthy and out of trouble as he showed by helping to turn around the Kings franchise, but the guy is a negative influence to everyone around him and spent 25 games or so last season on the bench leading to a subpar season. It’ll be interesting to see how he does with the Rockets and playing with McGrady and Yao Ming but I am thanking the stars that Odom is staying put in LA and that they didnt give in to this egomaniacal maniac who is on a path of career self destruction, mark my words.

Speaking of self destruction there’s the whole Favre/Packers controversy going on. Apparently Bret Favre figured out how to work a fax machine in his mississippi ranch and has officially filed a letter of reinstatement with the NFL. Now I must say even though I haven’t seen this type of flip flopping in sports in a long time, the Packers would be RETARDED to trade Favre away. The Packers had a good season last year getting far in the playoffs and to think that Aaron Rodgers is going to be able to imitate that type of success is ludicrous. Atleast keep Favre as a backup and make him sweat out a few games from the bench but to hand over one of the top QB’s out there and maybe in the history of the game to a team like the Jets or Bucaneers is absurd. The Packers are in a volatile division this season and with Favre back at the helm they could be guaranteed a shot to the playoffs. With Rodgers I think they’d be lucky to win over 500.

change is in the wind

July 29, 2008

Got a few new changes to the ole’ blog. As you have probably noticed there are some ad’s now on my blog. I am looking for more sponsors who are looking for a place to advertise their services. I don’t think they are very intrusive so I’m looking for people who would be interested in buying some ad space, you can contact me for rates and all that.

There is now also a suscribe link on the sidebar for RSS feeds so you can get my new updates on your site or blog instantly and even get them on your blackberry/iphone. You can also now search google directly off this blog (it will open the results in a new window) and will find search results relevant to the things I talk about in the blog as well as the entire web. I had zero expectations when I was making this blog other than a place to vent my creative frustrations. It’s good to see that the site is starting to pick up some steam. If you have any comments or suggestions about the layout or content of the blog feel free to hit me up. Ideally I’d like to eventually move it off blogger and get my own domain so if you can help with that let me know.

Update: Comic Con

July 28, 2008

I did a story on Comic Con the other day and this is a great source for more info on everything that was debuted and talked about at the event:

Sirius XM

July 26, 2008

Huge news in the media world as the Sirius/XM merger was FINALLY approved last night by a 3-2 vote from the FCC. They waited til a little bit before 9 pm to announce the decision and everything was hinging on Republican Deborah Tate who finally cast the final “yes” vote. This is a much needed merger in the world of satellite radio as both companies were hemmoraging money and even with a merger its not a given that they can still succeed. Fans will now be able to get Howard Stern, NFL, Nascar, MLB, Oprah, and Opie and Anthony all in one place.

It will be interesting to see how this merger falls out as people will need to buy new receivers to be able to get both services and I’m sure there will be all sorts of contract issues. Also the companies have a number of requirements they must meet from the FCC such as a number of minority oriented channels and a $19 Million fine for the FCC dealing with XM’s equipment which was breaking an emissions rule. I’m sure Sirius CEO Mel Karmazin will also be handing out many pink slips over at XM. More info on this as events warrant.

Comic Con 2008

July 26, 2008

The annual San Diego Comic Con is well under way right now and lots of great movies have been announced and shown in further detail. The G.I. Joe panel happened yesterday and the movie seems to be shaping up much better than anticipated and will in theaters August ’09. Frank Miller has a new movie called “The Spirit” which stars Samuel L. Jackson and a bevy of hot chicks (Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, and Jaime King). Benicio Del Toro is doing a Wolfman movie and the make up looks very realstic. Kevin Smith has a new comedy starring Seth Rogen, who imo is getting very overused as an actor and isn’t really THAT funny. But the movie shows promise as its about a couple who gets into the business of porn making. “Zack and Miri Make A Porno” opens October 27th. The biggest movie of Comic Con seems to be Zack Snyder’s graphic novel adaptation “The Watchmen.” The first look at this movie was in the trailers before The Dark Knight and looks very interesting. You can find out more about the Watchmen panel here.

For even more Comic Con info check out this link:

There’s also a story on The Dark Knight expecting to make $73 Million this weekend and may actually give Titanic a run for its money as the highest grossing movie ever. Titanic made $1.8 Billion worldwide. It’s also set to hit the $300 Million mark in 10 days which has never been done before, the only thing that came close was Pirates of the Caribean: Dead Man’s Chest which did it in 16 days.

Rush playing Rush

July 23, 2008

This is a video of the band Rush trying to play their own song “Tom Sawyer” in Rock Band, and failing miserably. Pretty funny to watch: