E3 Live Blog, Microsoft Press Conference

June 1, 2009


— And that’s a wrap for Microsoft’s Press Conference. The biggest thing of the day is clearly Motion Sensor gaming. All the big franchises got some face time and 2009-2010 looks to be a great time for gamers!

— Peter Molyneaux from Fable and Lionhead Studios debuts a new AI character he is working on called Milo. Milo can react to your voice and has memory skills. This is some real skynet stuff going on here.

— Demonstration of some Motion Sensor games, including brick breaker and a Paint game.

— Steven Spielberg takes the stage to talk about Project Natal.

— A big preview of the Xbox Motion Sensor which allows you to play games with no controller!! A hint at video conferencing as well.

— METAL GEAR SOLID:RISING announced for Xbox.. new metal gear game featuring Raiden from MGS 2. Hopefully they port MGS 4 to the box as well!

— Twitter on Xbox!! Fall 2009 for the social networking sites.

— Ability to watch movies, tv, and sports live with your xbox buddies!! Also FACEBOOK ON XBOX!!!

— You can now update your queue on Netflix directly from your Xbox. Netflix is going to the UK and Australia and can watch live soccer games directly through the console.

— Last.fm is partnering with Microsoft to bring internet radio to Xbox Live.

— Look at cinematic trailer and level from “Alan Wake” a stephen king type gam of a guy looking for his missing wife in a quaint little town full of surprises. Out in Spring 2010.

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