Plans for the new Jay Leno Show

August 6, 2009


Jay Leno was “on” right off the bat, responding to some summer news he’d missed during his little hiatus at today’s NBC Television Critics Association press day for his new primetime show, The Jay Leno Show.

Michael Jackson’s death and Sarah Palin’s resignation were addressed, to which he quipped, “Those two go hand-in-hand.” He continued, “I felt bad obviously, but then again, the Palin thing cheered me up.” Alright, he definitely hasn’t lost his touch during the past few months.

And, there’s more…

So what will The Jay Leno Show bring to NBC? The “x-factor” is more comedy and tons of recognizable correspondents on board like D.L. Hughley, who will report on politics. “D.L. in D.C., no less,” teased Jay. Mikey Day, of Kath & Kim fame, and Rachael Harris, from this spring’s movie giant, The Hangover, will be around, too, as will comedian Jim Norton and The Dan Band.

NBC Nightly News host Brian Williams, who showcased his comedic talent as host of Saturday Night Live this season, has also signed on to host a small segment (which sounds brills!) tentatively titled, “Stories That Weren’t Good Enough for Nightly News.”

Other changes? Jay’s svelte new physique, for one. “I’ve been running four miles everyday—lost 12 pounds, thank you very much,” bragged Leno. There’ll be no desk and each show will have one, maybe two guests, where they’ll be “out of their chairs” so to speak. Classic Jay still exists though, including Jaywalking and Headlines.

The Jay Leno Show debuts Sept. 14 on NBC at 10 p.m.


Mancow Waterboarded

May 22, 2009

Conservative radio host Mancow decided to see if waterboarding was truly torture on his show today. He lasted a whole 6 seconds before deciding that it was. Anybody who knows anything about Mancow in the Morning knows that he’s a failed Howard Stern wannabe shock jock, who has taken on a conservative approach to appeal to listeners and make a bigger name for himself.

I guess stunts like this is how he plans on getting more exposure. Notice the papparazzi like crowd who just happened to be videotaping from every angle. Well I guess as a blogger I am feeding into exactly what Mancow wants – free publicity. But seeing the douche waterboarded makes it worth it, couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Jimmy Fallon & Jim Breuer: Dueling Ozzy’s

April 21, 2009

Jimmy Fallon was on Jim Breuer’s SiriusXM show and the two broke out into dueling Ozzy Osbourne impressions, Fallon is far exceeding most expectations of him and has proven to be a pretty funny guy after all.

Lindsay Lohan on E-Harmony

April 14, 2009

The boys at Funny or Die have done it again. Lindsay Lohan made a spoof e-harmony video that makes light of her current break up with DJ Samantha Ronson. This is a must watch, and it’s safe to say that my application is already being faxed over.

Incredibad – “Like A Boss”

April 6, 2009

New hit single from Andy Samberg and the boys in Incredibad. Check it out:

Best Video of 08

December 15, 2008

The best video of ’08 took a while to appear, just 15 days before the end of the year.  But it was well worth the wait.  President George W. Bush is in Iraq doing his farewell tour, and an Iraqi reporter took the opportunity to throw two of his boots at the Prez.  I was surprised he got to throw the second boot, looks like the secret service was unprepared and late to the party.  I do think Bush handled it well, but its scary to think that someone could have possibly thrown 2 possible shoe bomb’s at our president without being stopped.  Food for thought on maybe upping procedures when Obama comes into office.

Macys Parade Gets RickRolled

November 27, 2008

I fucking hate this viral video shit with Rick Astley “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Now this nobody has his own float in a parade? When I’ve got my trousers around my ankles and a handfull of Jergen’s watching some thonged skank shake her dumper in front of a webcam, it is neither funny nor amusing when I am interrupted by this unappealing load singing a catchy little tune. I guess the idea was to get bloggers such as myself to talk about it, but it was a damn shame the terrorists didnt decide to drop an H bomb on that street….now THATS a viral video.